4H Mud Run

It’s Gloucester County’s own 4H Mud Run. Run the 5k(ish) course over, under, and through mud and obstacles. The course is designed for any age, however, under 12 will need an adult to run with them. These runners will also need a parent waiver signed. All participants will need to initial and sign the 4H Mud Run Waiver.

The race takes place Saturday morning of the Gloucester County 4H Fair. There will be a $10 parking fee. This parking pass is good all weekend (Thursday-Sunday).

Spectators do not need a ticket, however, parking fees still apply.

Please be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your heat to allow time to park, sign waivers, and make your way to the starting line.

Heat Times: 

9:00 am Sold Out
9:20  Sold Out
9:40  Sold Out
10:00 Sold Out
10:20 Sold Out
10:40 Sold Out
11:00 Sold Out
12:00 pm

12:20 pm

more will be added if needed

$35 at Salem Country 4H Fair
8/5 – 8/8$40 though 12/31/14
$45 1/1/15 through 1/31/15
$50 2/1/15 through  2/28/15
$55 3/1/15 through 3/31/15
$60 4/1/15 through 4/30/15
$65 5/1/15 through 5/31/15
$70 6/1/15 through 6/30/15
$80 7/1/15 through 7/24/15

Click here for event details.

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